Maker's Workshop (Smudging) VIRTUAL - June 6, 9pm (est)

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I believe smudging is a highly personal experience. 

I also was shaking with nervous energy the first time I lit my smudge stick, so I totally get it, and that’s why I’m here. 

If you are interested in smudging and are ready to take the leap (believe me, you won’t regret it), this is the Maker’s Workshop for you. We won’t actually be making anything, but we’ll get on a Zoom call for about an hour, go through your kit, talk about all the different elements of what is inside. I’ll show you how to light your smudge stick, safely extinguish it and answer ALL your questions, live and in person. Well, as live as a Zoom call can be. 

I’ll demonstrate “how” to smudge and what to say and for those of you who really and truly do not feel ready, I’ll cleanse your house over the Zoom call (there may be more than one of you carrying me around your house on the phone).

This workshop includes your Beginner Smudge Kit.