Maker’s Workshop VIRTUAL - The 7 Chakras Mala - Thursday, June 11 @ 8pm

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Making Mala necklaces can be a very soothing and calming practice. Historically, they were made to pray and chant on to keep you grounded and set intentions. Of course, they can just be worn as a beautiful piece of jewelry.

The 7 Chakras are energetic centers within your body. Each chakra carries its own unique energy and aligning your chakras is helpful for creating balance and happiness. Wearing a Chakra Mala Necklace or using a Chakra Mala for meditation is a beautiful way to connect with each of the 7 chakras.

Your kit includes materials necessary to complete either your Knotted or Stretch Chakra MalaYou will also need some strong adhesive, a piece of duct tape, and a pair of scissors. You will also need a big eye needle and a pair of fine tip tweezers or needle nose jewelry pliers. Most of these items can be found in our Bohemian Marketplace and can be added to your cart. You may choose to plan your bead pattern before you start stringing, but that is completely your choice. Organizer boards are also available in our Bohemian Marketplace.

This workshop will include a history of Mala, how to meditate with Mala, and materials and instruction on making a stretch Mala necklace. If you choose a knotted Mala Kit, you should already know how to knot Mala. You will also receive a set of Chakra stones, Chakra chart and worksheet downloads, and a beautiful Chakra journal entitled, "So What's the Deal with Chakras Anyway?” by Kelly Medeiros-Raposa. We will finish off our Mala together, mediate with them to start you on your path to positive vibes, and learn about the 7 Chakras.  

The Zoom link will be emailed to you.